sun-dried tomato pesto

January 16, 2012

Everyone should have a few pestos and sauces loitering around in their fridge. They are so versatile and adaptable. We try to keep romesco, tapenade, and hummus on hand to spread on sandwiches, to snack on with a cracker when we’ve got the afternoon munchies, or to dollop on soup and stews like the fabulous Tuscan ribollita. This sun-dried pesto version is another option with either basil (on the right) or straight-up (on the left). With all the health benefits of basil – it being antioxidant, antiviral, antimicrobial, and “king of the herbs” as some like to call it – why wouldn’t you throw in a handful? But, the minimalist version is beautiful as well.

2 cups sun-dried tomatoes, plain or smoked

1 cup pecans

1 cup basil (optional)

4 cloves garlic, peeled

3/4 cup olive oil

sea salt to taste

Throw all ingredients in a food processor. Blend until the pesto reaches your preferred consistency. Adjust salt and serve.