There are a lot of good cooking blogs out there, in fact I might be suffering slightly from blog envy. First, there is the time devoted to good blogs. I’m guessing a lot of these foodie bloggers do it full-time which is a luxury I would love to be able to afford! Next, there are the food  photos. Some of them are so beautiful, and artful, and inspiring and I now vow to up the ante on the visuals I bring to you. Thirdly, there is the variety of recipes available – vegan, seasonal, organic, African, Asian, Indian, soups, stews, desserts and the list goes on. Finally, there is website construction. Don’t get me wrong – I love v:gourmet and I’m very proud of myself that I have figured out what I’ve figured out. But there is so much more!! So many better ways to present information, add pages, categories, indexing etc. But that will have to wait. For now I’m content to have my simple site and appreciate those that I slowly discover as I walk down this road.

101 cookbooks

The first good food blog I bring to you is 101 cookbooks. Really nice site. Great photos. Tonnes of recipes. A whole section on vegan cooking. So many recipes in fact that it might be overwhelming. So I endeavour to experiment for you and bring only the best to v:gourmet. Stay tuned.

I just found out about from my friend Kelsey Blackwell of Studio:Blackwell who designed for me. It’s a gorgeous site (what I’m referring to here is but is also a gorgeous site!). It’s not specifically vegan but many of the recipes are, or can easily be adapted to be. There doesn’t seem to be any indexing so it’s hard to know what’s on there but, who cares! It’s fun just to poke around since it’s so funkily designed.

veggie num num

Another site I just discovered is called veggie num num. I was looking for a vegan risotto recipe to try out on the kids tonight (but don’t tell them until after the fact) and I found this fab site by Trudy who’s Australian but lives in New Zealand. God love the internet. Honestly. Anyhow, I haven’t done too much experimenting from veggie num num yet but it looks great and is well worth the visit. It’s vegetarian, not vegan, so she does use cheese and eggs and butter and stuff, but some of the recipes are vegan and the others adaptable I’m sure! Thanks Trudy.

whisk flip stir

Heather in Seattle likes to cook, take walks, and share. She’s a self-proclaimed amateur everything, except for befriending squirrels – she says she’s a pro at that. She likes to mix it up – a little tofu, a few beans, maybe a potato. Then – pow! – a pie. And then back to a little tofu. Her blog – whisk flip stir – is great. I don’t know her from Eve but she’s funny, and light-hearted, and creative. The photo above is her maple thyme glazed tempeh and vegetables. Looks Awesome Heather. Can’t wait to try it!

veggies on the counter

The inspiration behind veggies on the counter is  Joana who is a graphic designer from Portugal. She takes great photos, is passionate about vegan cooking, and has really cool looking recipes like herbed tofu cakes with curried apple, beetroot burgers, and hummus rojo. There are a lot of (vegan) food blogs out there but I’m pretty picky about which ones I endorse on vgourmet. This is definitely one worth the visit. Good work Joana!

veggie wedgie

I don’t know a lot about veggie wedgie because there isn’t much info on the creator behind it, Nina Savidi, on the blog. I do know the recipes are interesting, the photography is beautiful – ephemeral and creative – and Nina has a cookbook coming out soon called Vegan and Living Raw Food. Kudos to her for that since it looks gorgeous and most vegan cookbooks look like a dog’s breakfast. Finally something artful, aesthetic, and lovingly produced. Love the look of the beer battered onion rings. I think they might be a hit with the kiddiliwinks.


Julie started foodsense after going to a plant-based diet due to health concerns and ultimately discovering her love of food. It’s a resource for people who like plant-based diets. She curates recipes from “tastemakers” and has her blog and her A-list. You can browse the gallery for “dependably delicious recipes” like peppered pears, acorn squash apple soup, and asian soba noodle salad with peaches.  Oh and find out about how to eat vegan in Paris. Mais non! Mais oui!!! Check her out and send in a recipe if you feel so inspired.

Scandi Foodie

Maria’s a prop-stylist originally from Finland and now living in Sydney, Australia. Her food philosophy and food styling are heavily influenced by her Scandinavian background and she specializes in healthy, feel-good food. Her blog is not vegan but has lots of vegan options including everything from Cabbage and Chickpea Salad with Grilled Portobello Mushrooms to Streusel Topped Plum and Apple Bake.


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