My name is Ruth Richardson and I live in Toronto with my husband (Andrew) and 3 children (Joshua, Rebekah, and Samuel). Occasionally I talk about them in my posts so it’s important that you know who they are. Well, and they are my biggest fans and toughest critics so they are an influence in all I do on v:gourmet. And they are good-looking and nice. And collectively have a really  weird sense of humour, which helps when your wife/mother is “veganized” as my youngest likes to point out.

I’ve done lots of interesting things like live in Italy, start a micro-philanthropy fund, build a consulting business, paddle the Churchill River in northern Saskatchewan, and eat strange things (I won’t mention what) in Africa’s rift valley.

But if you’re reading “about me” you probably want to know about “the v:gourmet me.” So 10 facts about me that have something, remote as it may be, to do with this blog:

  1. My grandparents were farmers in southern Ontario and I spent a lot of time on that farm. My grandmother’s rough, dirt encrusted hands will be forever etched in my memory, especially those hands peeling potatoes in her little plastic turquoise bin of water – filled with just enough water to clean the veggies but not be wasteful. She, along with her kitchen and garden, moved my soul.
  2. Now I grow a lot of garlic on my own farm in Prince Edward County. I got the original seed stock from the fabulous Jim Drescher of Windhorse Farm in New Germany, Nova Scotia. In 2011 I harvested 3000 bulbs from the original 8.
  3. I don’t like eggplant very much but I love Jamie Oliver.
  4. I spent years working at the Metcalf Foundation investing in Ontario’s sustainable food system. It was awesome work which empowered me to support incredible people doing amazing things across the province to create a food system that is local, healthy, sustainable, and supports our farmers to make a decent living.
  5. I just spent way too much money on containers for my spices. I couldn’t help it. You should see my spice drawer now. It would make you salivate and turn green with envy.
  6. My weakness is potato chips. Especially Honey Dijon Kettle Brand Potato Chips. Currently they are banned from the house because we can’t help ourselves when the pre-dinner munchies hit us.
  7. My mom is a great cook. Growing up she served us salmon soufflés, roast chickens, and Coquilles St. Jacques (for a brief period after she took a fancy cooking course). She has a thing with butter so everything was smothered with animal fat but she loved cooking, took time to do it, and used it as a way to bring together family and friends. It must have rubbed off on me.
  8. I can be clumsy in the kitchen and have been known to, on occasion, cut my fingers with really sharp Japanese knives. Especially when I’m tired or the kids are talking to me and I’m distracted. I really have to get better at that whole zen cooking thing.
  9. I’m not sure if the kids think I’m nuts or have great admiration for me where “this vegan thing” is concerned. But parents are good at delusion and denial when it comes to their kids so I’m going with the great admiration side of the equation. I’m pretty sure they think I’m the best vegan mom in the world.
  10. I dream of doing a cookbook, as crazy an exercise as that may be. Thought I’d just put it out there in the universe.

So that’s a completely random list of random facts about me. But hopefully it will provide a small window into who I am and why food is important to me. You will find out a lot more reading my recipes, drifting through my musings, and following me online.

20 Responses to “About me”

  1. Hi Ruth. I love your new blog. I’m in Florida with Jack at my parents but look forward to trying the recipes once I get home. They all look delicious. Thanks and well done. You’re an inspiration. Cindy

  2. Glad you think my blog is good. Let me know if you have any recipes you want me to test and publish on the site. Have a great time in Florida and hope you’re feeling better! I tried those brownies – they were awesome.

  3. Sammy is my favourite little kid of all time. This has nothing to do with Veganism but important to state nonetheless. GO VEGANS!

  4. GO SAMMY! I think you are his farvourite big adult of all time. Not to make you cry but important to state nonetheless.

  5. Sammy james richardson duffy Says:

    I really like the potato leek soup.

  6. Sammy james richardson duffy Says:

    It is my favorite thin on V gourmet.

  7. Sammy james richardson duffy Says:

    It is my favorite food ever.

  8. Lea Ann Mallett Says:

    Dear Ruth!

    Thanks so much for this blog! With two kids under 2 and a 1/2, I really have lost my inspiration for cooking. Thanks to a new kitchen reno and your delicious recipes, I am ready to jump back in. I reallt enjoy your musings too! Thanks for the motivation!

  9. Betsy Martin Says:


    My first visit and I want to try every recipe I just read on your homepage! They all sound fabulous and the photos are great. I was planning on canning tomatoes and tomato sauce this weekend but now I’m going to oven roast cherry tomatoes too. I can’t wait to follow your blog.

  10. Thanks Betsy and welcome! Canning tomatoes? I’m jealous. That’s been on my to do list for years but I never seem to get to it. I gotta say though, the slow roasted tomatoes are fantastic. Enjoy and let me know how they work out. Keep visiting – there will be updates!

  11. Hi Ruth,

    Just trying to figure out how to subscribe by email. I think I have to post a comment to do so? Trying it out. 🙂 That “meatless mushroom bolognese” recipe sounds SOooooOOoo good!

  12. leonard Says:

    I love this blog. I read your recipes and use them all the time, and I too, have a sexy (spice) rack!

  13. Basma Says:

    Hello Ruth,
    The blog that i was telling you about is called
    Vegan presque parfaits
    It was nice meeting you

  14. Ok I think I should post a picture of the amazing spice drawer that my wonderful partner made me: holes the perfect size in a sort of rack in a drawer, organized by alphabetical order, defying my usually not very well organized tendencies!!

  15. Tahoe Sux Says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! Bookmarked, will check it often for ideas. We cook along similar lines, and it’s always nice to get new ideas.

  16. Ulli Lange Says:

    Dear Ruth,
    I don’t know if you remember me, I am one of Nina-Marie’s German friends from long ago and we have met quite a few tiems over the past 20 or such years… last time at the farm in 2009 I think. I have spent quite some time with your gourmet-blog already last fall and now last night, it kept me reading on instead of sleeping so now I really have to leave a note for you. I love the way one can feel reading your blog how much you enjoy food and cooking and I feel very close to that. Though I probably will not become a vegatarian let alone a vegan, because I really like vegetables AND meat of almost all kinds and my husband being a solid french meat-lover as are the girls, I still find your recipes very inspiring! I am a little intimated though I must say of the perfect impression your kitchen pantry and healthy lists go. I am not that organized at all but also love to cook and feed people who share the passion of leisurely eating:) Would love to share a cooking/eating experience with you sometime!
    Thanks so much for sharing this with everybody interested!
    Love, Ulli

    • Ulli,
      Of course I remember you! It’s so nice to hear from you and to receive such a sweet note. Thank you for being in touch. I’m so glad you like the blog and find inspiration in it. No need for intimidation or worry that you still like meat … it’s all good. My philosophy has always been that cooking and eating should be enjoyable and stress-free. Added to that I have appreciated, for myself, a better sense of the effects of food on my body which I think we can all hone no matter what we eat, with whom, and when. Speaking of which, I’m totally in for a leisurely eating experience with you sometime … how wonderful! I welcome it and will await the time when our paths cross again, hopefully soon. Again thanks for the note. Lots of love to you and yours,

  17. Martin Wehrle Says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I guess we met almost 30 years ago when I came over from Hamburg, Germany …

    I tried to find some contact details of you in the internet and found this blog.

    Hope that it is you?

    If yes and if you welcome it, how could we get in touch?

    Best regards,

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