I was in Montreal on a business trip and stayed with a dear colleague. He’s a bit of a gourmand so when he served me dulse with olive oil and toast for breakfast I was shocked. “We’re eating what for breakfast?” He promised I would become addicted, and addicted I am. We have it every morning, almost without fail. And the odd morning when we can’t have it, we miss it terribly. Andrew confessed one morning upon waking that he was actually excited about getting up so he could eat dulse. We’ve converted a number of people. Maybe we can convert you too?

package of dulse, preferably from Atlantic Mariculture (We’ve done the research – it’s the best!)

really good olive oil (We use Silver Leaf but are always looking to try others since there are so many incredible olive oils out there)

multi-grain bread

Cut up the dulse in the bottom of a bowl. Drizzle with good quality olive oil. Toast some nice multi-grain bread and cut it up on top. Eat. Become addicted.