February 9, 2014


Many of us have grown up with butter-drenched popcorn, so what to do when you don’t eat butter? I’ve tried just plain old popcorn, or adding a topping or two, but it wasn’t until Rebekah came home with a recipe from a recent trip to visit her friend Emma in Massachusetts that I was totally satisfied in a butter-drenched kind way. It’s not tricky or complicated, just good. Wholesome goodness with coconut oil, simple olive oil, sea salt, and natural seasoning. This recipe features smoked paprika but there are innumerable ways to approach it from curry powder to fancy sea salt to cumin and coriander.  But be warned, it’s highly addictive.

2 tbsps coconut oil

2/3 cup organic popcorn kernels

a few pinches smoked paprika (optional)

sea salt to taste

Heat coconut oil in a heavy-bottomed pot or dutch oven until melted and it forms a thin layer on the bottom of the pot. Turn heat down to medium or medium-low and add popcorn kernels. Put the lid on the pot and leave to pop without stirring or fussing. Once all the kernels have popped, add sea salt to taste, paprika if using, and toss well. Serve.



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