June 10, 2011

I don’t drink a lot of coffee but occasionally nothing else hits the spot quite like it. And I love coffee culture – hanging out in cafes with a friend or my hubby, or disappearing into obscurity with my laptop and getting stuff done amidst the buzz of kids and lovers and grandparents. After I gave up milk it was a bit difficult to ask for a soy milk latte – mostly because I was scarred from the Starbucks culture of grande-skinny-no-fat-mocha-chino-extra-hot-blah-de-blah – but I got over it and now I ask for one with pride. The trick is to stick to groovy little indie cafes like the Rooster on Broadview (my favourite!) where they use really good coffee and make your brew with love.

Photo credit: Cameron Johnson

Artist latte design credit: The adorable Michie

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