September 20, 2010

And what is soubise you ask? It’s a good question. Fortunately the recipe I found in my first search happened to be an almost-vegan soubise – probably not by design since the chef behind the recipe – Jamie Kennedy – is not a vegan chef. Lucky for me though because had I found the common, and traditional recipe, I probably wouldn’t have pursued it much further. The classic french soubise is a white sauce made from a bechamel base (butter, milk, flour, and more butter), flavoured with pureed onions and enriched with cream. I can’t vouch for the traditional recipe, but the version below is pretty damn good without the cream, or the butter. Serve it with Flageolet Soubise, on sandwiches, or any other way your onion-loving self desires.

4 medium-sized onions, peeled and sliced thinly

200g olive oil

salt to taste

Cider vinegar to taste

1. Place sliced onions and olive oil in a saucepan and cook slowly until onions are transparent, but not browned.

2. Transfer to a blender and process until pureed.

3. Season with salt and a touch of cider vinegar.

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