drunken peaches au sirop d’erable

August 7, 2010

I mentioned Salome in my post re: Mushrooms on Toast. She also figures in what I’m calling Drunken Peaches au Sirop d’Erable. She served these at a dinner party last week and thus gets all the credit. 100%. A true blend of where she’s come from and where she’s at now – culturally speaking. Porto from Portugal and Maple Syrup from Canada. Gotta love it.  Thank you Salome! My father, who’s a purist when it comes to peaches, even approved. Couldn’t be easier or tastier.

Fresh Ontario organic peaches


Maple Syrup

Wash the peaches. Don’t peel – why would you? They are fresh, the skin is good for you, and it’s just too much work. Slice the peaches into a large bowl. Drench in a liberal amount of Port. Coat with a generous helping of maple syrup. Toss. Let sit in the fridge to allow for full drunkeness. Just before you’re ready to serve, saute in a saucepan until you achieve desired level of ooie-gooie sticky sweetness. Serve just plain drunk or with some soy ice cream (I’m a convert I must admit. So Delicious is oh so delicious).

photo credit: Cameron Johnson

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